Magnaflow's wide open performance is one of the best things to
hit the performance market.  With it's straight through design, the
power and sound is undeniable.  Check out their mirror finish
stainless steel mufflers for the perfect combination of muffler and
tip.    With 50 styles to choose from, your sure to find the muffler of
your liking!  Check out their site today and call ahead to set your
appointment to let our trained technicians get your car sounding
right.  And remember that you can get a custom made cat back
system through us, topped off with a powerful magnaflow muffler at
a reasonable price.  Call today!

Mufflers start at $150 installed, Dual Systems starting at $300.  
Ask about the FLO-PRO alternative for the sound and performance
of the Magnaflow brand, but at lesser cost!
We offer a full line of Custom Exhaust Products!  
Click below to find more information on the system
that best suits your needs!  
Flowmaster systems offer the ultimate in performance and sound.  Still our best selling
performance muffler, you can find a flowmaster to fit just about any car on the road.  From
HotRods to Suv's.  Racecars to Tuner cars, we have the muffler you need to produce the sound
and horsepower gains your looking for.  Check out the web site for more information on
flowmasters and contact us to set up your appointment.  
And Remember, don't worry about pipes and fitment, our specialist knows just what fit's your car
and our technicians custom bend their own pipe to give you just the right look!  Call today and
get that performance you've been craving!

Mufflers start at $150 installed, Dual Systems starting at $300.  
Ask about the FLO-PRO alternative for the sound and performance of the Flowmaster brand,
but at lesser cost!
Get that perfect tip that adds just the
right flare to your vehicle.  Stop by
today and look at our assortment of
stainless steel and chrome.  Did you
know that we can even bend polished stainless pipe for
your show car?  Even if your not for sound, add a tip
coming out the back and you'll see that you don't go
unnoticed.  Call today and get that custom system that
you've always wanted!  
Need more help getting the perfect tip or system for
your car?  E-mail us @  and
we'll do our best to find just what you need.  
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Diesel Performance
We offer performance exhaust products for all makes and models.
Brand names like Diamond Eye, MBRP, Flo Pro, and Magnaflow
We offer cat back systems, Turbo back systems, and Race-only DPF Delete kits
We also install EGR Deletes and Urea Deletes
Sizes available from 4” to 5” systems
Stainless steels systems also available
Exhaust tips 4”to 8” stainless steel starting at $49.99
Kits installed starting at $399.99